With 2k17 less than a week away, we sure have a lot of things in mind for New Year 2017, don’t we? We might have plans of partying the night with family and friends, shopping for new outfits for the same, throwing a party at our own place, going clubbing or maybe even going for a fancy dinner. We might even consider escaping to a different city with our loved ones and spending a quiet New Year.

Here’s a list of 10 ways to celebrate New Year with your loved ones:

1.Go shopping (Online!)

Yes, online shopping, people! Besides, don’t you think it’s too cold to step out and actually run from store to store trying on outfits, shoes and accessories? How about you do it all warm and snug in your blanket and with a hot cup of coffee in your hand and your best friend right next to you helping you select the best possible outfit! Use Flipkart, Snapdeal or Myntra and avail all the festive discounts there.

2. Throwing a house party?
Order food online!

Well, if you are planning to throw a house party and inviting your large group of friends and family over and partying 2k16 away and welcoming 2k17 with open arms, you would want everything to be perfect and you would obviously not want to spend your night in the kitchen (duh) like, whoever wants the pain of going to buy grocery, spending hours on making chicken and cake and all the other delicacies, right? Foodpanda, Swiggy and all the other similar online sites for ordering food come to your rescue.

3. Plan a trip with your loved ones

There are various holiday packages available and there are some beautiful places where you can go to and spend your holidays and as this New Year eve is falling on a Saturday, you can plan a trip to some beautiful, exotic place with your loved one and spend a quiet New Year. You can look for some amazing Hotel and Flight discounts at Makemytrip.

4. Consider going Low Key 

It would be great idea to go lowkey on things and spend a nice and low budgeted New Year with a cold drink, burger and french fries and go for a long drive later on and spend your New Year maybe in the woods or under the stars! You can even plan an interesting home spa and pamper yourself! Also, plan on going low key for the next year and limit all the extra, useless expenses.

5. Dress, drink and dance 

Dress up in coordinating outfit with your loved one, have a few drinks to end any kind of opening night jitters and to let yourself loose and dance till your feet hurt. Find a venue which is close enough. Well, it wouldn’t matter if it is far away. The place needs to be nice enough for you to have fun and enjoy the countdown.

 6. Go out for a fancy dinner 

You can book a table for yourself and your family at an exquisite restaurant and you can dress up. All the guys can dust of their tux and the girls can go all glitzy and have a fantastic, classy night tasting the stars (champagne. Yes.)

7. Stay Indoors

If you think that going out and spending a fancy or a crazy New Year night is not your thing, then you can definitely stay indoors and avoid the crowd. With a glass of wine and takeaway food, you can acquaint yourself with some crazy shows on Netflix while you and your loved one enjoy a nice night on the couch with the takeaway food and chocolates later on.

8. Get Healthy In 2017 

Start off the New Year in a healthy way by having a healthy breakfast on the first day of the year. Join a gym maybe or go for a work at 6pm and meet new people in the local park. Set goals to stay fit this year and make your health a priority. This is one of the best 10 ways to celebrate New Year.

9. Be A Family Person 

It would be good to spend the last day of the year and start a new day of the new year with your family. Go for a long drive with your family, explore the city and buy gifts for everyone. Get back home, cook some great food for them by looking up for some crazy recipes over the internet. Sit on the dining table, chat away and welcome the new year. Make it a motto to be more of a family person in the upcoming year and spend some quality time with your family everyday.

10. Make Others Happy 

Be a person who is himself happy and spreads that happiness all around. Make everyone around you happy. Visit an orphanage or an old age home. Spend time with these poor and lonely souls, buy gifts for them and go meet them with your family and close friends. Make it a habit and visit these people at least once in every few weeks and make them happy.



‘Tis the season, and with Christmas as well as the New Year just around the corner, a big Flipkart sale is all that was needed. Flipkart’s last big sale which is the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale of the year from 18th December to 21st December however is just a fraction of what the Big Billion Sale days, but will still come with great and exciting deals with which we would bid a happy goodbye to 2k16.

Fashion and Electronics, including watches and small appliances, will contribute to the sale volumes. The discount will be ranging from 10-20% on electronic appliances, but for the fashion category, it will range from somewhere between 40% and 70%. Big discounts can be expected on smart phones as well. The OnePlus 3 phone is expected to be priced under Rs. 20,000 which was initially launched at Rs. 27,999. Flipkart will also have the Apple watch and Moto 360 Gen 2 available at huge discounts.

All the SBI card users will get an extra 10% off on the shopping days. Another good news for all the shopaholics is that the top 10 spenders can win themselves a trip to either Europe, Sri Lanka, Andaman, Mauritius or Himachal Pradesh. Also, a Win-Win offer has been introduced through which a lucky customer will get a chance to shop for free from the website. If you are a non-user, you are highly recommended to sign up as early as possible, register your email ID and your phone number and begin your shopping free and get everything that you want from mobile phones to laptops to power banks to clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, all under one roof.

There will be deals available only on the Flipkart App, best deals and  short time deals and you cannot afford to miss any one of them. Even though the offers have not been clearly declared yet, but there will be great price discounts and exchange deals on smart phone launches during the sale days. During the Big Billion Sale, Flipkart customer’s saving were approximately 1000 crores and though this sale is not as big as the Big Billion, customers can still expect to save a lot of money and get everything that they want.

Inspite of the 5-7% dip in sales due to Government’s decision on currency notes, the sale event will not be affected. So, gear up for the last huge sale of the year and sit with your laptops, computers or mobile phones on the 18th of December, log into Flipkart and grab the best that you can!

Stay tuned for the season’s biggest deals and discounts! You never know, Flipkart may have some wonderful surprises for you.


Welcome to the Cashless World: The Mobile Wallet or e-Wallet Generation

From the age old barter system to currency and from currency to cheques,  from cheques to Plastics and finally, from plastics to mobile wallet or e-wallet,  the payment modes have had an interesting journey. The prime reason for innovative means of payment to come into being has been to ensure quicker and easier payment and also facilitate the ease of carrying heavy amount for transactions without actually carrying the bulk of the currency or bulky wallets.

The earlier substitute for cash which was cheque payment through banks, was a major step forward in this direction but it lacked in one major area which was time and effort to convert.  With the advent of plastic cards,  the conversions became instant and also led to reduction in the size of the wallets.

Without going into Credit Cards which has the additional feature of providing credits for a certain rate of interest let’s concentrate on Debit cum ATM cards.  One needs to have a banking account to own a Debit/ ATM card. It works as a substitute for the earlier instrument called Cheque with an add on feature of instant Debit and Credit.

Mobile Wallet or e-Wallet Facts:

  • Mobile wallets are Prepaid Payment Instruments
  • They work through smartphone apps
  • To use, add money using credit/debit cards or netbanking

Finally comes the age of e-wallets or generation next as we call it. It is a concept very new and novel and highly efficient.  One can choose what amount of money to carry in their wallet , and add more, anytime, anywhere required.  The beauty of the wallet  is the ease of owning one and carrying it, not in your pocket but in your smartphone!   All you need is an email ID or mobile number and you can become a proud owner of an e-Wallet like PayTM, Freecharge or Mobikwik.

There are several perks that come with Mobile Wallets or e-Wallets like:

  • Transfer money to family/friends
  • Receive money from family/friends
  • Book airline, train and bus tickets
  • Book hotels
  • Pay mobile or landline phone bills
  • Recharge mobile, DTH or data card
  • Pay Utility bills
  • Instant, single click payments

Especially, after the demonetisation drive, mobile wallets have come forward as the saviours. Even fast food vendors on the roadsides are using their PayTM accounts to accept money from their customers.

Wallet Payment Research Data 2016

Thanks to the mobile wallets, ATM lines are no longer in my bucket list!