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As 15th August comes in sight, we can see India’s 69th Independence Day dawning upon us! As we all know, every Independence Day is a holiday and for most it means its time for some shopping! Enjoy Independence Day shopping at its best with the discounts and offers lining up really fast! Before going into the more fashionable part of the Independence day, let us first take a look at some facts about this day we weren’t knowing about!


We had no anthem, really, no kidding!

In 1947, when India became an independent country, it had no National Anthem. The rendition of our current anthem was into existence, but was not yet (back then) considered as the national anthem until later in 1950.

Who chose this day as the day it is known by?


Most of us do not know this but it was Lord Mountbatten who chose this date for the Indian independence day because 15th August was the same day the Japanese had surrendered to the allied forces.


We’re not the only ones!

India shares its Independence Day with North Korea, South Korea, Bahrain and the Republic of Congo. Pakistan is also close, celebrating it’s Independence day on the 14th of August!


Go, Goa, Gone!

Post Indian Independence, the Portugese amended their constitution whereafter they declared Goa as a state of Portugal, only for the Indians to invade it later and annex it to India!

Oh yes this did happen, Gandhiji asked for Congress dissolution!


Immediately after India’s independence, Gandhiji spoke of his wish for the INC to be disbanded. On the eve of his assassination, this was the resolution passed by Bapu, saying “India having attained political independence through means devised by the INC, the Congress in its present shape and form, i.e., as a propaganda vehicle and parliamentary machine had outlived its use.”

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Discount shopping


A wish list of what is to be shopped, is always on the cards for women, be it fancy gadgets, apparel, jewellery, accessories, books, electronics, home products and much more. There is no occasion required when you want to buy something that could be an absolute necessity. But sometimes, when you just want to just indulge in buying something which interests you, you might look for some special occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries etc. Online shopping is fun and refreshing, and you have a whole lot of new products added every day, leaving you open to an exhaustive array of products to choose from. What more, these online stores have some awesome deals to offer you, for almost all occasions!


How do you look for good deals and discounts?

deals and discount



Check for price comparison online:

Too many online retail online websites have come up in India, where you could pick up the products of your choice, add them to your cart, pay the price online, and get the product get shipped directly to your home. With so many websites online like flipkart, snapdeal, jabong, amazon, myntra etc,  you really sometimes get confused on the prices, and wonder which are the most genuine ones. So, to help you, there are many sites available for which you could consult the prices and take the best decision. Some of these sites that could help you are, MypriceIndia, Shopmania, pricedekho etc. Search for a product and see what each Indian online retailer has to offer. Get the best price and shop.




Check out for discounts through Coupons and Cashbacks: Some online shopping sites allow coupon codes and offers to be entered that you can apply when you do the final check out, and hence give you further discounts on the product that you buy. Active coupon codes are available on a lot of Indian Coupon sites like,, couponzguru, cashkaro etc. These are a few of the many coupon aggregating sites that are available to give you more attractive discounts. In addition to coupons, there are cashback websites like Cashkaro, which allow you to click on links to other retailer sites that provide you cashbacks if you purchase on their sites.




Keep watching deals, and best time to buy: Set price alerts, using Amazon’s Junglee, so that you know when the price of something you wish to buy comes down. You can also participate in lots social media quizzes set up by the online retail giants, answer correctly, and win exciting deals, coupons and prizes. In addition, you could also follow them on twitter to get to know when new discounts and deals are offered. Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal have separate pages on social media where they keep promoting their products and announcing about new offers and deals.



You can keep a tab on these pages, and decide to shop your favourite products when exciting deals are announced. Indian shopping sites offer great deals during festive seasons like Dasara and Diwali. Take advantage of such shopping festive seasons, and splurge on your interests.


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