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What is the one thing that has been bringing a sort of a revolutionary change in the lives of many in the present times? ONLINE SHOPPING! Well, today’s generation loves two things, the internet (the most, of course) and shopping (goes without saying, well). What’s better than having a combination of both, right in your hands (fingers actually, the keyboard part…)!

Shopping has always and always been something that everyone loves to do, even if they claim not to because well, who wouldn’t want to purchase new things for themselves? The only problem has been moving out of our homes for doing so and of course, our generation is ONE LAZY generation of youngsters. Well, no issues, online shopping comes to you as the solution to the problem of moving your behinds and going out for shopping by allowing you to do the same, sitting on your bed. Yes, convenient as they come.


With the concept of FREE ONLINE SHOPPING, came along the concept of Discounts, deals and special offers that not only makes you save money but persuades you to look for more and more! Online shopping discounts have lured me into buying a total of 10 jeans and pants, both for me and my father, thought, whereas my search had begun with the aim of purchasing a total of 4 for both of us (Tricksters! But such tricks are really appreciated because…) but the best part was, the price i had in my mind for 4 jeans or pants was same as the price i bought all those 10 for! ₹4500/-!


We all love to get more for the same price and the one website that comes to my mind when someone says the word “discount” is!

Buy1get1 is an online portal where one can find deals, coupons and discount offers from anywhere and everywhere, ranging from to or to! Yes they’ve got them all.

The website claims to have more than 500+ such offers and deals and a number this big is mouth watering. Spectacular, isn’t it?

Buy1get1 is not only for those who like to shop, but also for those who love food more than anything else (I’m an example) and those who love to wander around in this world, i.e. frequent travellers as buy1get1 also presents you with deals from websites like Dominos and Foodpanda for the foodies and and for the travellers. These are mere examples, so to get the real story, check our buy1get1!

2015 comes to us as an year where gadgets have taken over our daily life, the most used gadget being the smartphone. I remember how i had bought my first phone. I went for a phone search and looked in multiple stores for different-different models of the latest phones available. It was after the search of 3 complete days that i finally rounded up to one phone which was back then one of the top phones by samsung, viz. Corby Plus! The latest phone i have, is the Xiaomi RedMi Note phone, which when i compared to my Corby, not only had a whole lot of extra features, a better user interface, better operating system, but also came at a price lesser than that of the phone i had initially bought! What’s even better was that to buy the phone, all i had to do was summon enough energy to switch on my laptop, go to, look up the different available phones, being easily guided about the phone with product descriptions, and place the order in the easiest manner possible, with a click of the mouse! I was provided with a bunch of payment methods and that made it even better for someone like me without the cash to crash! The product i ordered not only was delivered within 2 days but also was EXACTLY how the seller had given the description, hence leaving me completely satisfied. Now, a chocolate to the one who guesses correctly where i found out about this deal. (well of course,!

Low price mobile online shopping is something I personally am a big fan of because why pay more when buy1get1 presents us with deals like “15% off on XYZ phone” or like “₹4000 off on buying the iPhone 6 today!”?

Sometimes when the super sales of websites like Amazon and Snapdeal pass by, we also get a chance to buy such electronics, fashion accessories, clothes and all at staggering discounts of up to 70%-80% and all of the details of such deals are provided to us by! is the your one-stop destination for all such deals and offers and navigation through the website to your desired deal is much easier this way, all you have to do is:

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Save Big on Your Orders This Year with This Sizzling, Hot DOMINOS Coupon

Firstly, here’s wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

It’s time to ring in 2015 with some amazing flavours and lip smacking delicacies at your favourite pizza destination.

Yo people! You all know which “pizza destination”, I am talking about. In fact, when I say the word “pizza”, there’s only one thing that comes to everyone’s mind and can you guess that?

If you can’t, then I feel really sorry for you, it’s none other than world’s leading one stop pizza destination- DOMINOS, as well all know it.

Dominos Pizza Offers

I am sure most of you must have celebrated New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Year day by ordering some yummy pizza’s and side dishes from Dominos. Well, I did the same! I and three of my friends had gathered at my house on the New Year ’s Eve and had no idea how we were going to celebrate it. A variety of flavours were hitting out taste buds but Dominos won over everything else. The latest temptation at Dominos i.e. the cheesy temptation pizza was all over our minds and not to forget, the spicy Chettinad chicken chops. We just could not resist the temptation and ended up ordering more than we could even eat. To our surprise, we got to know, that the cheese burst pizza can now be bought in regular size, so we ordered four regular cheese bar-b-que chicken pizzas, one farmhouse cheesy temptation pizza, the chicken chops of course and stuffed garlic bread with cheesy dip. I know what your expressions are right now, but seriously, we were dying of hunger, to be precise, hunger for Dominos pizzas.


It was during this time that I came across an amazing Dominos coupon on my favourite deals and coupons website, WWW.BUY1GET1.IN. I am a regular visitor of this website and I just love it. Deals and discount offers of all leading e-commerce brands can be found here. Very easy to navigate and use. I clicked on Dominos and found more than 5 Dominos coupons, ready for redemption. The best of all was the Dominos flat 30% off discount coupon which can be redeemed almost every day. There are no day or date conditions on this coupon and it can help you save big on your orders every time your order from Dominos. After all, a 30% discount is a big thing! What more do you want?


I am sure you must be feeling lucky that you came across my blog as I have given you one of the best news of your life. So keep ordering from Dominos and saving big, every time your taste buds are dying to get the cheesy tangles.

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Cheesy Temptations Pizza with Exclusive DOMINOS Discount Coupons

Dominos pizza

With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, Dominos has planned a special gift for you.


Keep guessing….keep guessing….and keep guessing!


Folks! Are you seriously guessing? I can’t believe you haven’t come across this fabulous news yet!


Dominos has launched the “Cheesy Temptations Festival” with the most amazing Dominos discount offer of the season. Two of Dominos special pizzas and most loved crusts, Dominos cheese burst and Dominos cheesy wonder pizzas are up on a big discount.

cheesy wonder Digital_RHS Panel

I am sure you are very well aware of the cheese burst pizza by Dominos and the cheesy wonder pizza too. In case you have no clue about the cheesy wonder pizza, I am here to tell you. This new variant of the cheese burst pizza comprises of layers chilli cheese spread and yummy liquid cheese filling. Priced at just Rs 100 extra, this variant is only available in medium size as of now. You can add the crust to vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian toppings and enjoy to the fullest.


Now coming back to the Cheesy Temptation Festival, Dominos is offering flat 50% off on the second pizza if you buy two cheese burst or cheesy temptation pizzas. Also, the cheese burst pizza is now available in regular size. A special Dominos coupon is applicable on this order, using which you can make the most of this offer.


Not only this, there are several other Dominos coupons waiting to be redeemed by you and I have an awesome suggestion about where you can look for these coupons. My favourite deals and coupons website,, has made life very easy for me. All you have to do is, click on Dominos on the homepage and all Dominos discount offers and Dominos coupons will be listed in front of you. Flat 30% off, 25% off, 20% off, Dominos buy 1 get 1 and a lot more.

CB_Gutter Panel

So hurry! Only few days of the Cheesy Temptation Festival are left!