Moto G 3rd Generation, The Latest head honcho of all Smartphones!



“Hey, which phone do you use?” is a question, each and every one of us comes cross quite often. Our phone plays a huge role when it comes to our “status symbol”, much like in the case of cars. Let me introduce to a phone that not only ups your status symbol, but also helps you have a great smarthphone experience! Let us welcome the Moto G (3rd generation)! As we know, the Moto G phones so far have not disappointed us and we expect the 3rd Gen model to repeat the same! Let us put some spotlight on as to why one should use the Moto G 3rd Generation!

1. Wanna have a Kit Kat? No, I prefer Lollipop!

The Moto G 3 comes with the latest android version v5.1.1 (Lollipop), which runs as smoothly as a knife on butter and is jampacked with a beautiful user interface with a lot of new things to discover! The processor is a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53, which makes the whole experience even better.

2. Remember that day in 2010? I do, I have a great memory!

With an internal memory of 8 GB, expandable upto 40 GB with a 32 GB micro SD card, the Moto G 3 has a lot of retention capacity, and it runs without lag, thanks to its 2GB RAM.

3. But first, let me take a selfie!

With a 13 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front camera, the Moto G 3 assures great quality pictures at the speed of light. The camera comes with the additional features of Panorama Mode, Focus on touch, Face detection and auto-HDR images, with the dual LED flash and autofocus feature being the cherries on the cake. The video recording is as smooth as the picture clicking, with 1080p@30fps. (One feature all the teenage girls would totally dig)

4. Have a long battery life, bless you!

Unlike the batteries of most smartphones that drop down dead easily, Moto G 3rd Generation’s battery is a long runner! With a 2470 mAh Li-po battery, this beauty of a phone will run for a really long time, even if used rigorously.

5. Getting too much at the price of peanuts!

Yes, The Moto G 3rd Gen, coming with a 5 inch screen, water resistant body (upto 30 mins), a kickass processor and OS, beautiful camera, amazing memory and a long living battery, costs you nothing more than Rs. 12,999. In today’s world were the smallest of things can cost you a lot, this super duper phone is worth every Rupee at 12,999.

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Right now, MOTO G is available at an exclusive price of Rs 11999/- on Flipkart. The stunning display, exceptional price, brilliant sharp screen, scratch resistant gorilla glass and water repellant coating have made MOTO G the most desired mobile phone this season.

The long lasting all day battery at Quad Core speed with an easy to use Android operating system, easy Youtube streaming, Gmail browsing on Chrome, shopping wizards installed and maps, make MOTO G experience different from all other mobile phones in the Android world.

Also, the vibrant, eye-catching back cases can easily be switched out. Some back have grips, some have prints and some have flips. All are fun and can be changed whenever your mood changes. A color each to suit every mood. Bright oranges to light up your day, bright yellow to lighten up your smile, vibrant green to accompany you to lunch and subtle navu blue and back to lighten up your evenings.

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