How LENSKART Changed my world with Incredible LENSKART Coupons & Offers?



I am sure you must have heard about these amazing online eyeglasses, sunglasses and lens shopping space called Lenskart!

In case you have not, I bet you will try it at least once after reading my experience with Lenskart.

Yes! Believe it or not, it’s actually true!

Lenskart changed my world for the better and definitely made me realise that one should be open to experimenting such amazing and new concepts.


One fine afternoon, after lunch in office, I planned to purchase sunglasses online for my upcoming trip to Goa. Through one my favourite deals and coupons website called, I came across Lenskart.

As soon as I landed on the homepage, the very first thing that caught my eye was a bright banner that mentioned something like, “Home Eye Check Up now at your doorstep”.
Out of inquisitiveness I clicked on the banner and landed on a page that contained detailed description about this exclusive Lenskart offer. At first, I could not believe that such an awesome service could actually exist but as I read through the page, I was spellbound!


My focus completed shifted from sunglasses that were also being sold at flat 50% off at Lenskart and now I just wanted to try this fabulous Lenskart Home Eye Check Up offer at least one. It was then that I realised that my grandmother, who is 84 years old, wanted to get her eyes checked and purchase new spectacles. I quickly opened the home eye check-up form, filled it my details and chose a date for the check-up and submitted the form.  Within 15 minutes, I received a call from Lenskart executive who confirmed my appointment.

As the date of appointment arrived, two Lenskart volunteers came home with eye-checkup machine, 6 briefcases filled with spectacle frames and what not! They were very humble and conducted the eye check-up at bare minimum price of Rs 50 with full patience and dedication. My grandmother was super happy and that urged other family members to get the check-up done as well. At the end of it, all 5 of us, me, my parents, my grandmother and my younger brother got the check-up done and purchased eyeglasses on the spot.


Honestly, I was shocked at this excellent customer service which is very rare in today’s time. Moreover, the eyeglasses frames were also under an offer called “Lenskart first frame free” offer, so all we had to pay was the glass.

And the best part is yet to come!

On enquiring about the payment, we got to know that no on the spot payment was required. Lenskart sent me a link on my e-mail id using which I made online payment and even used other Lenskart coupons to avail extra discount.

What an amazing experience! 

At the end of it, I paid a total amount of Rs 2500 which included, two eyeglasses, one bifocal and the other regular and eye check-up of 5 individuals.


Do try this amazing service and get your eye checked on a regular basis!