With Love and Terracota – PM’s Day Out

Prime Minister Narendra Modi never misses a chance to make Twitter go bonkers.

Be it wishes to the Indian Cricket team, chat with the American President NaMo has done it and what more he has done it in #Style. The recent scoop in the PM’s kitty is his visit to China where he spend quality time with the president and the terracotta warriors. The former might have grabbed the attention of our formidable newspapers, however, the latter expedition made the Twitterati roar with memes and trends. Whole India shouted #ModiInChina and we handpicked some of the hilarious tweets that would make you go ROFL.

  1. The Khan Scorn moment:

This particular tweet indicating Salman’s recent stunts ruled Twitter and tickled many tummies.

Seriously dude! Did you? Or did you not?

Untitled-1Source: https://twitter.com/


  1. Hare Manmohan Bhai! Aap kaise hain? Oh wait!

Still under discussion. Who stole the show ?

Option a. NaMo ji

Option b. Manmohan ji

Option c. Ankur ji

Well, we know it’s the warrior dude!

modi at china

Source: https://twitter.com/


  1. The Delicate Derriere Syndrome:

While NaMo goes exploring the intricate details of the art, our good citizens have something else in their minds ;)

That’s typically how you stare at a hot girl (that ass though!) and how you react when she stares back at you  :p

modi at china

Source: https://twitter.com/


  1. Now beat it!

Whoever captured this…? We want to give you a medal of honour!

And the best meme of today goes to @Being_Humor

modi newsSource: https://twitter.com/


  1. Prowling Lion and the hidden Who?

When Michelle Yeoh made a special appearance to meet Mr. Modi

This piece of Photoshop definitely hit it!

Bang On!

modi news       Source: https://twitter.com/


  1. This is what we give you when you ask for EPIC!

    We know! we know! All we need now is a Dubmash of this from NaMo ji

    News on modiSource: https://twitter.com/


  1. The Hickey Check Centre:

Mom: Clothes check! Hair Check! What is this?

Daughter: Just a small bite from an insect mom!

Mom: The insect called Vicky? Oh! You’re so screwed

Namo news in china

Source: https://twitter.com/


These are one of the many ways we show our love to our Prime minister. After all, he is a man who knows a thing or two about humour. Terracotta soldiers aside, Mr.Narendra Modi is seeking diplomatic solutions for our border issues, trade and an improvement in our shackled relationships with the Chinese.  With the kind of mobile phones that comes from them, and the way we are gobbling them up from the market, the two countries are bound to sign a treaty sooner or later. Hope Our PM brings us all good news from the neighbour and of course a ship load of his favourite terracotta soldiers ;)

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