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La Pino’z Bogo Offer

La Pino’z bogo offer! La Pino’z has emerged as one of the most popular pizzerias in the country, rivaling pizza chain giants Dominos and Pizza Hut. Founded in 2011 in Chandigarh by Sanam Kapoor, the brand has over 500 outlets across the country, with the recent one opening in London. Spreading its wings to international […]

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Best Wines Under Rs. 1000

Fond of wines but find them heavy on your pockets? What if we told you about some of the best wines under Rs. 1000? Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, different from the regular table grapes you eat. A lesser-known fact about wines is that they can be made with any fruit […]

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Zepto vs. Blinkit

We live in a time where everything is a click away, and quick e-commerce apps like Zepto and Blinkit are the perfect examples of this. The age of digitization, more empowered by the Covid-19 pandemic, has sowed the seeds for online facilities that have changed the face of grocery shopping. After all, who would have […]

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Dark Store Model

A dark store model is a traditional retail establishment that operates only as a fulfillment hub. These warehouses are not physically available for the public to visit like a normal store. Hence, they free up valuable stock space and improve the speed and accuracy with which orders get processed. Customers can find convenient services in […]

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Luggage Courier Service In India

When traveling, people who don’t want to check their bags or carry them around can use a luggage courier service. When you arrive, your luggage will already be delivered from your home to your destination. Indian luggage courier services help you a lot. In this service, the courier will come to your location and collect […]

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