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By Sahil Rajan

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Looking for best action camera under 5000? Action cams have become all the rage recently. Due to our special needs, many of us now consider these devices essential. There are various sizes and shapes to choose from among these action cameras, each equipped with advanced functions for recording both stills and moving objects.

The vast majority of action cameras are dustproof and waterproof. Cameras of this type tend to be quite portable. As a result, you can conveniently bring them anywhere you go. The rapid decline in the price of these cameras has made them a must-have for any vacationer. This article has compiled the top 5 action cameras under 5000 in India.

Top 5 Action Cameras Under 5000

‎Infinizy ‎4K WATER CAM

‎Infinizy ‎4K WATER CAM


  • High-quality recording
  • 30m waterproof
  • It has a feature to stabilize the video recording
  • It has a built-in microscope
  • Crazy performance


  • We couldn’t find any flaws in this product
Rambot 4K 16MP WiFi Action Sports Camera

Rambot 4K 16MP WiFi Action Sports Camera


  • Great value for money
  • Superb recording quality
  • Night vision works well
  • Simple to setup


  • Connectivity could have been better
Clipface GoPro Sports and Action Camera

Clipface GoPro Sports and Action Camera


  • Inexpensive
  • Waterproof
  • Great shooting angles
  • Durable


  • Mic could have been better
Raptas 1080P Action Camera

Raptas 1080P Action Camera


  • Great build quality
  • Crisp and clear videos
  • Good brand support
  • Brilliant stabilization


  • Lacks accessories
Garundropsy Go_Pro Action Camera

Garundropsy Go_Pro Action Camera


  • Built-in gyroscope
  • Excellent value for money
  • Superior build quality
  • Good app support


  • Wi-Fi could have been better

Things to Consider When Looking for a Good Action Camera

Here are the things to consider when looking for a good action camera:

Build Quality

Build Quality
Build Quality

Most high-quality action cameras have bodies constructed from durable polycarbonate, making them appropriate for usage in harsh environments. For those of you who are interested in filming footage underwater, you will need to invest in a case that is resistant to water.

Some of the newest models can be waterproof even without the housing; therefore, you must examine this feature before you commit to purchasing a product. Also, some housings and cameras will function underwater, but only up to a specific depth. Others descend as deep as 33 feet, some deeper. 

Other aspects of the product’s quality that you should evaluate include:

  • The buttons
  • The way it feels in hand
  • Whether or not the display is shielded
  • The presence or absence of protective covers covering the memory card slot and the battery compartment

Connectivity Features

Connectivity Features
Connectivity Features

Action cameras typically come equipped with Wi-Fi, which enables the user to operate the camera using an application installed on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This capability can also transfer data wirelessly, eliminating the need to connect wires and reducing the associated bother.

Check to see what kinds of Wi-Fi speeds the camera you’re thinking about buying offers. This feature will result in faster previews and transfers on the device you are controlling remotely.

In addition, action cameras offer Bluetooth connectivity, which enables the cameras to be controlled by compatible third-party remotes to take still images or record video. If you want to record footage of yourself from a distance or if you need to position the camera in a remote spot, this can be a great tool to have.

Some more expensive models include the capacity to control the camera with voice commands. These aren’t necessary additions, but they could make operating the camera a little less complicated.

Image and Video Quality

Image and Video Quality
Image and Video Quality

Image quality is important, and action cameras have come a long way in recent years. You will be shocked when you learn how many features action cameras have. For example, most popular action cameras have a basic recording quality of 1080p, which is adequate for users who only occasionally upload videos to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and other sites.

If, on the other hand, you are a professional user, you should think about purchasing a high-end model that has a resolution of 4K. These models can also have improved low-light and exposure management settings, enabling versatile performance for recording still photographs and films in less than optimal conditions.

It is also vital to consider the footage’s frame rates. For example, most action cameras have recording rates of 30 frames per second, which is sufficient for almost everyone. On the other hand, if you want to film extreme sports or fast-paced footage, you may want to invest in action cameras capable of recording at 120 to 240 frames per second.

The perspective that the camera offers is also very important. For example, the field of view of action cameras ranges from an extremely limited 90 degrees to a significantly more expansive 170 degrees.

You can alter the camera’s field of vision angle on some of the more recent versions. They also offer a lens correction option, which removes any lens distortions that the wide-angle lens may have generated. Some cameras, like the GoPro Fusion, have even been developed with virtual-reality users and devices in mind from the beginning of the process.

Size, Shape, and FOV (Field of View)

Size, Shape, and FOV
Size, Shape, and FOV

Although manufacturers design action cameras to be more portable than their competitors, there are still factors to consider regarding their dimensions and shapes.

If you plan to attach your camera to your chest, you should look for an action camera that is larger and square. Choose one of the bullet-shaped choices, on the other hand, if you plan to attach your camera to the handlebars of a bicycle or to a helmet. Most action cameras’ field of view (FOV) will provide some wide-angle options.

However, to avoid certain photographs looking distorted and having a fish-eye effect, selecting a camera with several fields of view (FOVs), such as wide, medium, and narrow, is highly recommended.

You’ll understand the optimal angles for your particular sport or activity after putting in some time and effort to practice them. Make sure to install the camera in various places so that you can take pictures from various angles to keep things interesting.

Battery Capacity and Power Accommodating Accessories

Battery Capacity and Power Accommodating Accessories
Battery Capacity and Power Accommodating Accessories

Determine how you will use your action camera to determine which battery life option offers the best value. For example, the battery life of most action cameras can last up to three hours of continuous filming. However, suppose you plan to record your adventures in high-definition video. In that case, this will drain the battery much more quickly.

In addition, as with the mounting attachments, check to see that the model of your action camera has a separate charger so that you can always have a spare battery on hand. However, suppose you want to save some money. In that case, this is one situation in which you can think about getting suitable accessories, such as power banks and extra batteries.

Time-Lapse Capabilities

You can create amazing time-lapse videos with some action cameras. Since they are small, they can be put virtually anywhere and still capture hours of footage. Most models include continuous capturing that can last from 0.5 to 60 seconds. This metric implies that they can capture a frame as frequently as every half a second or as infrequently as once every 60 seconds.



There are action cameras with various attachments already included in the package. In contrast, others require you to buy the extras separately. Mounts that adhere to surfaces and tripod mounts are present among these attachments, which may be suitable for beginning users. On the other hand, many accessories are just waiting to be investigated.

Suppose you are a bike rider who enjoys documenting your riding adventures. In that case, you can cover convenient recording angles by using a helmet mount or a handlebar attachment to attach your recording device. Mountaineers who want to capture their first-person view may find that equipment such as a chest or arm mount is an invaluable addition to their gear.

However, suppose you ever need to record high-quality audio. In that case, some models accept external microphones and come with proprietary adapters that you can purchase separately. The majority of action cameras already come equipped with noise-reduction microphones built in.

These action cameras require UHS (Ultra-high-speed) microSD cards to record high-quality video and audio. Most action cameras include compatibility for microSD cards of up to 32 gigabytes. In comparison, some of the more costly versions may accept cards of up to 128 gigabytes or even more.

Controls and Touch-Screen

Controls and Touch-Screen
Controls and Touch-Screen

Controls on the action camera can be of great assistance. Connecting your phone to the camera is unnecessary each time you want to alter the settings; you can do so without using your phone. There may be times when you wish to film footage underwater but won’t be able to bring your phone along.

Most cameras have a switch to turn the device on and off and a button to toggle between the various shooting modes. Having controls and settings readily accessible via a touchscreen takes things to an even higher level.

Brand Support

Brand support is one of the crucial elements you need to remember when making your decision. Getting action cameras fixed can be a hassle because they are getting smaller and more portable. Unfortunately, these are not products you can fix at your neighborhood hardware store. In fact, several brands offer product replacement rather than repair services.

Several camera manufacturers provide additional protection plans that, depending on where you live, can cover your camera against even physical damage. In addition, it is strongly encouraged to purchase action cameras from authorized sellers who can provide reliable after-sales support.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Action Camera Under 5000

Infinizy ‎4K WATER CAM

Regarding 4K action cameras, Infinity is one of the best-selling options because of its ability to record life’s greatest moments in stunning detail. The WDR feature built into the action camera helps balance the lighting, resulting in more realistic photos. Shooting underwater is simple with this camera.

You can capture details not possible with a normal camera. Moreover, as we reviewed the Infinizy ‎4K WATER CAM, we felt that this camera is perfect for swimming, drifting, surfing, diving, and other water sports. That’s because it is waterproof up to 30 meters and automatically adjusts the color while you’re underwater.

The Infinizy ‎4K WATER CAM’s lens is retractable, so you can switch it to different positions to suit your needs. This camera has three angles: wide, medium, and narrow.

You can see more scenes because of the wide, movable view of 170 degrees. For example, in the 1-60 seconds range, you can automatically program the camera to take pictures at predetermined intervals. Through this setting, you can capture natural phenomena like a flower’s opening, a sunset, or the movement of clouds. 

As a result, you’ll get the most out of the time-lapse video.

Rambot 4K 16MP WiFi Action Sports Camera

The Rambot Action Camera is very famous in India and is very cheap. To fulfill the requirements of your sporting activities, this product is a high-definition digital motion video recording equipment.

The Rambot Action Camera has numerous features at the forefront of its respective field. These features include digital recording, portrait shooting, voice recording, LCD, and a detachable battery. Based on our reviews, we conclude that the camera is ideal for various applications due to these features.

With a resolution of 16 megapixels for still images and Professional 4K/60FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, and 1080P/120FPS for video, the Rambot Action Camera enables you to record all of your clips in a high-definition format. In addition, the camera comes equipped with a microphone that you can use to record sound.

You can gain access to your camera through the application by first connecting your camera to a Wi-Fi network. Also, you can have a peek at the videos on the UltraHD display screen that measures 2 inches.

Moreover, you can submerge the Rambot Action Camera in water up to 30 meters deep after placing it inside the waterproof case and securing it. In addition, the waterproof camera features a rechargeable battery with 1050 mAh capacity.

Since a waterproof cover protects it, the camera can safely take pictures and movies at depths of up to 30 meters. The camera has a 16-megapixel UltraHD lens, which offers an extremely broad field of view, measuring 170 degrees, and performs efficiently. In addition, a MicroSD card can hold video files of up to 128 gigabytes.

Clipface GoPro Sports and Action Camera

The Clipface Action Camera takes images at a quality of 24 megapixels and records videos at a smooth 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. This function captures wonderful moments while vlogging, skiing, skating, swimming, snorkeling, diving, or engaging in other outdoor sports.

During our testings, we noticed that the Clipface Action Camera has a built-in mic, dramatically increasing your video’s sound quality. Moreover, it captures a wider range of frequencies for use in vlogging and can capture sound from all directions.

The Clipface Action Camera comes with electronic image stabilization (EIS), which can compensate for any bumps, shakes, or tilts that may occur while you’re using the camera. As a result, the recorded movies will be clear and steady.

You will never get blurry images or videos during the bumps and tilts if you make sure to switch on the EIS, which you will need to do. Even the most difficult conditions will not affect this feature.

The high-quality waterproof case with the Clipface Action Camera ensures that the camera will continue functioning even when submerged in water thirty meters deep. Moreover, the camera comes with a twin battery with a capacity of 1050 mAh and various accessories that can accommodate the requirements of any outdoor activity.

The Clipface Action Camera includes many features and settings, such as a wide-angle lens, loop recording, time-lapse, burst shot, slow motion, and screen saver.

Raptas 1080P Action Camera

The Raptas Action Camera is a sports action camera with a 12-megapixel sensor capable of producing excellent videos in 1080P and taking photographs with a high degree of detail. The camera possesses a lens with excellent precision and a wide angle, producing exceptional image quality with vibrant colors.

The Raptas Action Camera detects motion, producing clear and engaging movie clips. Due to the short focal length of the lens, the field of view is wide, allowing you to capture more content within the frame.

It can record what you want to see without needing post-processing. It allows you to capture an angle of up to 170 degrees on your device.

It comes with a sleek and durable waterproof case. The indestructible hard-shell structure of the camera protects the camera from damaging elements. Hence, you need not be concerned about your safety when filming.

The Raptas Action Camera makes it simple to upload photographs and movies to a computer or share them online by utilizing Wi-Fi technology and making it straightforward. In addition, the camera has a sufficient amount of internal storage for the use of micro SD cards.

The maximum amount of data you can store on the Raptas Action Camera’s micro SD card is 32 GB. The camera contains a USB charging connector that, via a data transfer cable, can be hooked into any available port on a computer.

The Raptas Action Camera can record in full HD at 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also, when you use Wide Dynamic Range, you can capture pictures that are constantly inviting and engaging (WDR).

Garundropsy Go_Pro Action Camera

The Garundropsy Action Camera achieves native video resolutions of 2k/30fps, 1080p/60fps, and 720p/120fps and takes 15-megapixel photographs. You can capture amazing still and moving images with the Garundropsy Action Camera.

You will be able to capture all of the amazing moments and sights in your life with the Garundropsy Action Camera. It comes with an anti-shake technology in the form of an advanced gyroscope. Moreover, you can shoot videos more smoothly because of the built-in gyroscope with anti-shaking and picture stabilization features. This feature makes the camera excellent for capturing outdoor activities.

The Garundropsy Action Camera even includes Wi-Fi connectivity. To share your moments in real-time, you must download an app on your mobile devices, such as a phone or a tablet.

The 2.4G wireless remote control makes it simple to record activities such as skiing, cycling, swimming, and drafting, amongst others. The camera comes with a complete accessory set for professionals. The design of the camera is both stunning and thoughtful; it has a cute cover that protects the card slot, USB port, and the cover that is permanently attached to the battery.

Final Words

Memories come to life in videos, and action cameras allow you to relive life’s most exciting events as if you were right in the thick of things again. Document the real moments of your life, whether you’re rowing down a mountain river or riding bikes with your kid.

Our team spent countless hours researching and analyzing 10 different action cameras before settling on the ‎Infinizy ‎4K WATER CAM as the best action camera under 5000 in India. This action camera is a 4K action camera that features Wi-Fi and can have raw photos extracted from it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Action Cameras

What Is an Action Camera Used for?

An action camera is a tiny, tough, waterproof digital camera intended to shoot immersive action photos. They make it possible for you to dive right in and become a part of the adventure so that you can capture images and videos in a manner that standard cameras and cell phones simply cannot.

What Are the Types of Action Cameras?

Action cameras come only in a single type. All action cameras are the same and don't have types or differences except for specifications.

How Does an Action Camera Work?

An action camera works just like a normal camera. The only difference between an action camera and a normal camera is that those action cameras are specifically for action or motion-intensive shooting.

Which Action Camera Is Best for Vlogging?

Based on our testings, the Infinity 4K ATER CAM is the best action camera for vlogging under Rs. 5000.

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