LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator: A Detailed Comparison

By Sahil Rajan

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Ten years ago, neither Samsung nor LG were well-known companies. However, these days, they are regarded as two of the most dependable manufacturers of home appliances.

Samsung is one of the world’s most prosperous electronic appliance and equipment manufacturers. Samsung controls a sizeable portion of the home appliance industry.

The construction quality and aesthetic appeal of a Samsung refrigerator are unparalleled in the industry. They are also highly dependable and come with additional features that make the product more user-friendly.

The only brand of refrigerator on the market that can compete with Samsung in terms of innovation is LG. In addition to providing products of the highest possible quality, they also deliver on their commitment to making the products more user-friendly.

Here’s a detailed comparison between Samsung and LG refrigerators so that you can make an educated choice. This guide will clear everything, no matter the size of your household or the amount of food you need to store.

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Key Differences

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator - Key Differences
LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Key Differences

These key differences will be of assistance to you in areas where you need to exercise caution before selecting either LG or Samsung as your brand of choice. So let’s get started!

  • Samsung makes more affordable refrigerators as compared to LG.
  • LG mostly makes French door refrigerators, while Samsung mostly makes side-by-side refrigerators.
  • LG refrigerators mostly have stainless steel and black stainless steel finishes. In contrast, Samsung provides a unique Tuscan stainless steel with a more warm-toned plum finish.
  • Samsung provides more energy-efficient refrigerators than LG. 

LG vs. Whirlpool Refrigerator – Detailed Comparison

Both of these manufacturers have produced refrigerators worthy of inclusion on our list. But if you get to choose only one, which option would you go with?

We’ve compared some of the features available on refrigerators manufactured by LG and Samsung so that you can make an informed choice about which brand to go with when shopping for a new refrigerator.

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Price


There is a significant gap in cost between the two brands. If, on the other hand, you are searching for a refrigerator that is on the more economical side, Samsung is your best bet. The Samsung RS25J500DSR side-by-side refrigerator is our top option for an affordable side-by-side refrigerator. Samsung offers various other high-quality refrigerators for prices significantly lower than Rs.50,000.

LG, on the other hand, offers a somewhat more limited selection. For example, the price of a full-sized premium refrigerator starts at roughly Rs. 57,000. You can purchase both brands for up to Rs. 1.5 lakh price point, with most of their models falling between Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 90,000.

Winner in terms of price – Samsung

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Product Range

Product Range
Product Range

Most refrigerator manufacturers provide their products with standard four-door designs. In addition, here are the most common designs

  • French door refrigerator
  • Side-by-side refrigerator
  • Bottom freezer refrigerator
  • Top freezer refrigerator

The unique door layouts of Samsung and LG refrigerator models were the first step in the companies’ successful efforts to disrupt the industry.

The following is how Samsung generally classifies its refrigerators:

  • Side by side
  • French door
  • 4-door French door
  • 4-door flex (technology that allows you to switch from freezer to fridge easily)

There are also some models of top freezer refrigerators that Samsung makes. The RT18M6215WW is one of Samsung’s best-selling top freezer models since it comes in an economical price range. It has a capacity of 18 cubic feet.

On the other hand, LG refrigerators come in various forms, including the well-known top freezer and bottom freezer variants. LG refrigerators also have a large capacity. However, their french door and side-by-side variants are where you’ll find the most interesting models in their lineup.

The variety of door configurations that LG provides is extensive. The following are examples of some of the most common LG refrigerator door configurations that people widely purchase:

  • Side by side
  • Top freezer
  • French door
  • Bottom freezer

We believe that LG gives manufacturing priority to refrigerators with French doors. Although it offers many side-by-side variants, most of its most attractive and functional products are French door designs.

Both Samsung and LG mostly make side-by-side and french door refrigerators. However, Samsung and LG offer a selection of top and bottom freezer refrigerators as well. These are ideal for use in smaller houses as an alternative to purchasing a little fridge and a freezer.

Winner in terms of product range – Both

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Style and Design

Style and Design
Style and Design

If we start with the fundamentals, we can see that both LG and Samsung have shiny and high-level designs, and they both make a statement. It won’t be hard for you to find a refrigerator from one of these manufacturers that has a huge capacity. Also, it won’t be unusual for you to come across a model with both counter-depth and full-size proportions.

Color is a further criterion for differentiation. Stainless and black stainless steel are two of the most common finishes available for LG refrigerators. In addition to these colors, Samsung now offers a unique version of Tuscan stainless steel. This version has more of a plum finish with warm tones.

The refrigerators produced by LG and Samsung are fairly comparable to one another in both appearance and performance. Although LG might have the upper hand in terms of new features, Samsung has a slight lead in design and style due to their efforts in developing handleless (or pocket handle, as some people call it) refrigerators. Due to this, they are an excellent choice for use in any kitchen.

A quick comment on handles – The handle’s design is not something the average person considers while shopping for home appliances. However, once the appliance gets installed in the customer’s kitchen, they will see that the handles do not match. Therefore, if you are simply replacing an old or broken refrigerator, you should ensure that the new refrigerator you have in mind is compatible with the other appliances and the hardware in your kitchen.

Winner in terms of style and design – Samsung

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Features



The Samsung and LG refrigerators we looked at have plenty of features that customers look for in a new appliance. Most refrigerators also come equipped with cube and crushed ice dispensers and water purification systems. The LG LSXS26366S is a side-by-side refrigerator equipped with a Slim SpacePlus system. This technology ensures that the ice maker functions well without consuming an excessive amount of the available space in the freezer.

Also, both brands provide good drawers with adjustable humidity levels as an additional option. As these control the humidity in your refrigerator, fresh fruits and vegetables can maintain their crispness for significantly longer periods.

The inclusion of smart functions in refrigerators is becoming more and more common, and Samsung and LG have truly been at the forefront of this trend. In Samsung refrigerators, there is a feature referred to as the “Family Hub.”

As this feature supports WiFi and Bixby, you can connect the refrigerator to a smartphone and use an app to track what’s happening in your refrigerator. This can help increase your refrigerator and freezer capacity before you stock it with new food. There are even models that have built-in cameras.

The Family Hub allows you to stream music or videos, keep track of your grocery list, and add comments electronically, all of which make it easier to go shopping. As you can accomplish even something as basic as uploading a photo of your family on your refrigerator from a remote location, it intends to serve as the nerve center of your home.



The LG equivalent has a less natural and more modern vibe to it. As it has a door-in-door design, your refrigerator door will open up when you knock on it, revealing a window that looks into the interior of the refrigerator. This ensures that you won’t be letting any of the cool air out of your refrigerator when you open it to check whether you need to buy more milk or whether there is any wine in there.

You can check to see that the food you are keeping cool is doing so at the appropriate temperature by looking at the display, which puts the temperature readout for the interior of the refrigerator front and center.

Concerning the door-in-door design, both LG and Samsung produce refrigerators with a tiny door on the front of the appliance. This door allows you to access all your necessities without opening the full refrigerator. This comes in handy when trying to retrieve items from the refrigerator, such as butter, milk, or a Coke, without getting confused about their location. Additionally, it makes the refrigerator arrangement much simpler than ever before.

Also, if you are wondering which gas is used in refrigerator? or how to choose stabilizer for refrigerator?specifically, check out our guide!

Advanced Features


Another crazy feature of Samsung is the FlexZone technology, which, at the touch of a button, can temporarily transform your refrigerator into a freezer and vice versa. In addition, a metal cooling component contributes to the refrigerator’s ability to keep a consistent temperature throughout its interior.

Another irresistible feature that Samsung offers in its refrigerators is the Autofill Water Pitcher feature. Using the pitcher, you can either brew cold tea into your drinking water or combine your fruits into your water before consuming it. In addition, when you take some water out of it, it will immediately refill itself, ensuring that you will never be without access to refreshingly cool, high-quality drinking water.

The Family Hub series from Samsung features some of the most technologically advanced refrigerators now available on the market. The touchscreen door, voice activation and management through the use of Bixby’s Assistant, and continuous updates and warnings on the status of the products in the refrigerator are some of its distinctive characteristics.

However, the Family Hub is only available on select Samsung high-end refrigerator models with three doors and French doors, such as the RF22NPEDB.


LG, being a little bit more innovative, maintains several unique characteristics. These include the Smart Diagnosis, the LoDecibel Operation, and the InstaView door-in-door design. For example, the InstaView door-in door features a glass panel that, when knocked twice quickly, illuminates the space inside the refrigerator. Due to this function, you can see what is stored inside the refrigerator even when it is closed.

LG Signature brand refrigerators are among the best on the market. In addition to having a one-of-a-kind textured surface and the InstaView feature, the LG Signature refrigerators also boast an auto door open feature that activates when you approach the appliance and automatically opens the door. Additionally, it has the SmartThinQ technology enabling remote control of the refrigerator.

Unlike Samsung refrigerators, designed to maintain their standard ice consistency for a longer period before melting, high-end LG refrigerators can also produce spherical craft ice. This will elevate your cocktail game to a higher level if you use these crystal-clear ice spheres with a diameter of two inches.

Winner in terms of features – LG

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Checking for the Energy Star certification is the only foolproof method of determining whether or not your refrigerator will be good for the environment in terms of its energy consumption. In particular, LG and Samsung refrigerators provide a wider variety of energy-saving accessories than other refrigerators brands. This variety includes door-in-door features and LED lights.

Most Samsung refrigerators, like the Samsung RS27T5200SR, come with Energy Star certification. However, some of the top picks from LG, such as the LG LSXS26366S, do not have this all-important certification. When giving designs that are efficient with energy, Samsung comes out on top by a hair’s breadth. However, if energy efficiency is your primary priority, it is best to examine individual models before purchasing.

Winner in terms of energy efficiency – Samsung

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Cooling System

Cooling System
Cooling System

Both refrigerators are excellent at maintaining a cool environment, with each brand offering various cooling options and approaches. In addition to the conventional multi-airflow cooling system, LG uses various other cooling techniques, such as linear, smart, creative, and door, and their exclusive FRESHShield Cooling approach.

The FRESHShield Cooling system of the refrigerator blows cool air out of vents located on the top of the appliance. These combine to create a barrier against the cold air, which maintains a constant temperature inside the refrigerator. By lowering the temperature differential between the exterior of the door and the interior of the refrigerator, the door cooling system makes it easier to keep the internal environment at a constant, even temperature.

In addition to its Twin Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, Triple Cooling, and amazing metal cooling features, Samsung also offers a cooling system similar to LG’s door cooling. Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus technology employs not one but two sets of compressors and three sets of evaporators to provide optimal cooling. You can find the Twin Cooling technology in virtually every Samsung refrigerator. In contrast, the more advanced Triple Cooling is only in more expensive ones.

Winner in terms of the cooling system – Samsung

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerator – Which Is Better?

LG and Samsung refrigerators are comparable in terms of quality, and they will be an outstanding investment for your home kitchen. But a Samsung model is better if you want a refrigerator with top-of-the-line designs and a more integrated appearance. However, suppose you are searching for a refrigerator that provides you with the most convenience and has many alluring innovations. In that case, you might want to consider purchasing an LG model.

Final Words – LG vs Samsung Refrigerator

For your reading pleasure, we have provided a complete comparison of Samsung and LG refrigerators. Ten years ago, none of these names were household names. However, now they dominate the market as the most cutting-edge producers of home appliances.

LG and Samsung have distinct characteristics, making choosing between them difficult. They are both dependable and packed with features for your convenience.

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