Tukzer Stylus Pen – Best Gadget Under Rs. 500

By Sahil Rajan

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We are living in the era of technology, where nearly no aspect of our lives is untouched by it. With new inventions reconceptualizing the way we live life, it is hard to look down upon the convenience they have to offer. However, let’s admit it – technology can be heavy on our pockets. But what if we told you that there is a best gadget under Rs. 500?

Available for as low a price on Amazon, the Tukzer stylus pen is the most economical and rewarding gadget under Rs. 500. You can use this high-value product for a variety of purposes like note-taking, playing games, writing, and drawing. Want to know more about this pen? Hold your horses and read this article on to get all the details of the Tukzer stylus pen and what it has in store for you.

Tukzer Stylus Pen

Tukzer Stylus Pen
Tukzer Stylus Pen

View on Amazon: Tukzer Stylus Pen


  • Compatible for all touchscreen devices
  • 7mm silicon transparent disc allows you to draw with high-precision
  • Aluminum alloy body makes it lightweight (19g)
  • Magnetic cover cap allows quick closure
  • 2 in 1 replaceable stylus with one disc tip and the other soft fiber tip
  • Hidden spare disc tip for emergency use in disk breakage
  • 168mm length
  • 6 months warranty


  • Quick closure due to the magnetic pen cap
  • High-precision disk tip
  • Lightweight like a conventional pen
  • Comfortable feel
  • Widely compatible
  • Does not lag
  • Does not scratch the screen
  • Safe for kid’s usage
  • Comes in two attractive colors
  • Palm rejection and tilt sensor technology
  • Affordable


  • None

The Tukzer stylus pen is a high-precision gadget widely compatible with all touch enabled devices like iPhones, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tabs, Microsoft Surface, etc. This 2-in-1 stylus pen has two tips simulating finger-like design but more accurate.

One end has the high-end material disk tip with sensitive contact on screen and the other end is soft fiber tip perfect for scrolling webpages, gaming, etc. We assure you that soft material pen tip is safe for kid’s usage.

The soft tips also prevents scratching the screen. This stylus pen surpasses the traditional stylus pens with two-way magnetic cap which need to be twisted or their hat had to be pushed back to use. We found that the fine point capacitive touch of the Tukzer stylus pen enabled a natural and authentic calligraphy and painting experience.

The ergonomics of the pen are a big win for us as its aluminium alloy composition gives it a very lightweight and comfortable feel just like a conventional pen.

The easy to use Tukzer stylus pen is built with palm rejection technology which allows you to rest your palm on the screen without worrying about the precision disruption. It also has tilt sensor technology and is geared up with no-lag performance. The perks of this item do not have an end in sight yet as another one of its functions speaks for it – the sleep mode.

When idle for 5 minutes, the Tukzer stylus pen will go into sleep mode which is a boon for saving power.

View on Amazon: Tukzer Stylus Pen


Is Tukzer Stylus Good?

Yes. The Tukzer stylus is very efficient in its use and functionality. They are multi-utility, widely compatible and high-precision stylus pens made for all age groups, including children.

How Do I Use the Tukzer Pen on my iPad?

All you have to do is turn on this active digital pencil by touching the cap button, without the need to install Bluetooth or Apps.

Do Stylus Pens Work on All Phones?

Whether it be Android, Windows, or iOS, the stylus will work on any touch-enabled phone.

Final Words – Tukzer Stylus Pen

If you are looking for a stylus pen for your writing, drawing, painting, game-playing, or webpage scrolling needs, you have the one-stop solution at the most reasonable price. In our opinion, the Tukzer stylus pen did not disappoint us one bit. If you are a gadget junkie, you might be familiar with how Tukzer consistently provides luxury mobile accessories at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

The product comes in an elegantly designed box making it an ideal gift for your friends and loved ones. We loved the stylus pen and totally recommend it to all those looking for a high-function product. Try it out for yourself and write to us about your experience. We would love to know your take on the pen.

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