What Is Convertible AC?

By Sahil Rajan

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Since Carrier created the first modern AC in 1902, industrial technology has come a long way.

Air conditioners with variable cooling settings are becoming increasingly popular, and companies like LG, Samsung, Voltas, Whirlpool, etc., have all gotten on the bandwagon. The brand-new name “Convertible AC” better describes the special qualities of this electronic equipment.

Let’s look at what is convertible ac and how it operates?

What Is a Convertible AC?

What Is a Convertible AC?
What Is a Convertible AC?

A convertible air conditioner is a product that is meant to cool but also conserve energy. Here is an example to help you better understand it. For example, suppose you have a 1.5-ton air conditioning unit in your living room.

This cooling capacity appears adequate when many people, including friends and relatives, occupy the room. But, on the other hand, when you are by yourself, the temperature drops even further, and you become chilly very quickly. You can raise the temperature, but because your air conditioner is already working at its maximum capacity (i.e., 1.5 tons), you aren’t saving any power.

The purpose of convertible air conditioners is to solve this problem. They can function at various cooling performances. For instance, a convertible air conditioner rated at 1.5 tons can run at 1 or even 0.8 tons when necessary. Although it might appear complicated, all of this can be accomplished by simply pressing a button.

There are settings on convertible air conditioners that reduce the cooling capability from its maximum of one hundred percent to eighty, sixty, or forty percent. They do this by adjusting the rotation of their motors to match the requirements, which ultimately results in lower power usage than traditional inverter ACs.

When you require faster cooling, certain models even allow you to increase the cooling capacity they provide. For example, convertible air conditioners of higher quality have sensors that can identify people and automatically alter their performance. This feature will ultimately be advantageous because it will allow you to keep your air conditioner running without causing undue stress regarding your electricity costs.

This Example Will Help Better Understand the Concept of a Convertible AC

Concept of a Convertible AC
Concept of a Convertible AC

Imagine that you have a 2-ton air conditioner in the drawing room of your home. Under typical conditions, the air conditioner is sufficient, considering the dimensions of the space and the level of cooling you require. When all of your family members are gathered in one place to watch a movie, the air conditioner seems like the best way to deliver the ideal cooling impact.

However, if only 2 people were sitting in the room with the air conditioner set to the same temperature, it wouldn’t be long before they start feeling excessively cold. It means that the amount of cooling is excessive compared to what they require. Due to this, the AC winds up using more power while also making the environment a little less comfortable for you.

Regardless of how many people are in the room, it seems like it would be a good idea to regulate the settings to keep the temperature constant while reducing energy use.

You can achieve such pinpoint accuracy with the help of convertible AC technology. You can make adjustments to the settings so that they better meet your needs. In layman’s terms, this technology enables the air conditioner to operate at a capacity that varies depending on how much work it needs to do.

The Example of a Car

The Example of a Car
The Example of a Car

A convertible AC operates like how the accelerator in your car does. When there are a lot of other vehicles on the road, you have to take your foot off the pedal to keep your speed down. At the same time, you step on the throttle whenever you notice that there is no traffic on the highway.

As a result, your car begins to speed up. Also, you switch between different driving modes, depending on your conditions. This switching will directly impact the car’s ability to conserve petrol.

How Does a Convertible AC Work?

As we explained above, a convertible AC works similarly to a car accelerator. You can change the required modes using the remote control for your air conditioner in place of the car’s accelerator. Adjusting the air conditioner’s cooling capacity can be done by pressing a button on the remote control designated for that purpose.

4-in-1 AC inverter models provide users with four different modes to choose from: the Free Running mode, the Hot mode, the Moderate mode, and the Comfortable mode. Consequently, utilizing the mode that maintains a moderately warm temperature or the mode that maintains a comfortable temperature consumes less power.

This technology is feasible due to the inverter technology, which allows the motor to operate at different speeds depending on the application’s requirements.

What Is the Difference Between Convertible AC and Inverter AC?

Difference Between Convertible AC and Inverter AC
Difference Between Convertible AC and Inverter AC

One characteristic that sets convertible air conditioners different from all other types of air conditioners is their ability to change their cooling performance.

Convertible air conditioners serve several purposes, including temperature controls that are simple to modify. As a result, their capacity can be decreased or increased depending on the user’s needs.

On the other hand, inverter air conditioners use an energy-efficient mechanism that can adjust their operational state automatically. Due to this, they can save electricity by entering what is a hibernation state when they reach the temperature they want.

The compressor can only operate at a very low level, significantly reducing the amount of electricity used. However, it doesn’t switch on unless the thermostat indicates that the air conditioner needs to adjust the temperature.

These air conditioners are excellent examples of products that save energy. Convertible Air Conditioners, on the other hand, call for a more hands-on approach to completing tasks. This feature implies that you have the freedom to select whatever suits your needs and preferences best.

What Is the Meaning of 5-in-1 Convertible AC?

A 5-in-1 convertible AC allows you to change and regulate the cooling capacity between 5 options.

What Is the Meaning of 4-in-1 Convertible AC?

A 4-in-1 convertible AC means that the AC has 4 cooling options to choose from. You can change and regulate the cooling capacity between 4 options. Due to this technology, you can customize the cooling performance of the AC to meet your specific cooling requirements. This feature makes it a pleasure to spend the day and night inside your home.

Does Convertible AC Save Power?

Does Convertible AC Save Power?
Does Convertible AC Save Power?

Yes. Convertible ACs can cut your energy use by as much as thirty percent when utilized in cooling mode. This mode can result in large savings on your monthly electricity bill, particularly during the earlier summer months.

Things to Consider When Buying a Convertible AC

Things to Consider When Buying a Convertible AC
Things to Consider When Buying a Convertible AC

Convertible air conditioners have become very advanced. Many of the versions on the market come equipped with impressively smart and durable features. Following is a list of some of the most significant ones you shouldn’t miss out on.

Sleep Mode

One of the most recent additions to the functionality of air conditioners is the Sleep Mode. If you turn it on, the temperature will drop every hour. Then it will gradually rise as the morning progresses. You won’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to regulate the temperature manually, and you’ll be able to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Advanced Filters

Many convertible air conditioners have cutting-edge PM 2.5 filters, which trap dust, pollen, bacterium, and virus particles. The more expensive models typically come equipped with air quality sensors that monitor the environment within the home and adjust the purifying process accordingly. There are also reversible air conditioner models available that release UV rays to sanitize the surrounding air.

Wi-Fi Controls

Wi-Fi capabilities have been available in air conditioners for some time. However, earlier manufacturers restricted these capabilities to only expensive versions. The good news is that even more budget-friendly convertible air conditioner models now come equipped with this feature.

Air conditioners connected to Wi-Fi offer versatility by allowing you to pre-cool a room while you are still working. Some air conditioners now integrate Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which enables you to use voice commands to adjust the temperature and switch between modes.

Stabilizer-Free Operation

Convertible air conditioners employ inverter air conditioners as its compressor. Hence, they can function even if the power in your house or place of business is unreliable and prone to voltage fluctuations. Due to this, a separate stabilizer is no longer required. Therefore, convertible air conditioners often have an operating voltage range of between 130 and 290 volts to maintain consistent cooling and functioning.


Convertible air conditioners have a built-in auto-clean mechanism that, according to the manufacturer, removes dust from the coils by icing and defrosting them. Cleaning traditional air conditioners can be a pain. The total time required for the process often ranges from ten to fifteen minutes. This feature not only ensures that you breathe clean air but also takes care of the performance of your air conditioner.

High Ambient Cooling

Selecting an air conditioner that can keep up with the rising temperature levels is essential. Fortunately, even when the temperature reaches 54 degrees Celsius, most convertible air conditioners can still provide effective cooling.

Pros and Cons of Convertible ACs



Adaptable Air Conditioning

The user can adjust the capacity of these devices. For example, if you have a 2-ton air conditioner but it’s not that hot where you are, a 1-ton model would be perfect. Some models even allow you to increase the output of a 2-ton air conditioner to 110%, which can be helpful in extremely hot climates. For the next heat wave, this might come in handy.

Energy Efficient

Convertible ACs can cut cooling costs by 30 percent. At the beginning of summer, this might significantly impact your electric bill.


When shopping for an AC, it’s important to consider your available space. Large, cumbersome units may have strong cooling capabilities. However, they can be difficult to install and may need more upkeep than smaller ones.

In contrast, smaller units aren’t always as efficient as larger ones and can struggle to keep up with busier environments. However, there are many benefits to using a convertible air conditioner.

Suppose you’re seeking cooling power or need extra cooling capacity during the hot summer months. In that case, you can readily modify these adaptable units to meet your needs. Convertible air conditioners are great for tight quarters because of their tiny size and high efficiency.

Extended Warranty

Convertible air conditioners are more popular than regular ones because of their longer guarantee. As a result, you can expect trouble-free performance from your air conditioner for many years.

Silent Operation

Convertible air conditioners are advantageous in many ways, one of the most notable being their reduced noise levels. This feature is because convertibles’ construction includes components that reduce noise. Additionally, convertible compressors are located remotely from the main room. Therefore, convertible air conditioners’ soothing and comfortable atmosphere is much greater.




Convertible air conditioning has a few significant drawbacks: its high price tag.

While the initial investment in a convertible air conditioner may be greater than that in a standard window unit, the savings over time can be substantial.


Consider numerous aspects before deciding on an air conditioning system for your home or business. It’s crucial to consider how much time and effort you may have to invest in maintaining various systems. Convertible AC systems are typically more problematic and require more upkeep than standard air conditioning units.

However, the advantages of these air conditioners exceed the disadvantages, making them an excellent option for cooling a home economically and ecologically.

Final Words – What Is Convertible AC?

At this point, the meaning of “convertible AC” should be crystal clear to everyone. Convertible air conditioners, or multi-head units, are a particular type of air conditioner that you can easily adjust to meet the requirements of varying weather conditions.

Due to their modular construction, these units are perfect for settings where the space or dimensions may alter over time. Convertible air conditioners offer various advantages, the most notable of which is their adaptability and user-friendliness. For example, they have lower carbon footprints compared to conventional units. Plus, they are more energy efficient, which enables consumers to save money on their monthly energy costs.

In addition, they come with advanced filters that rid the air of potentially hazardous airborne particles and bacteria. In the end, homeowners looking for a versatile cooling option that is both practical and efficient should consider investing in a convertible air conditioner.

People mainly purchase convertible AC for energy efficiency and because it is very popular.

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