Which Is Healthy – OTG or Microwave?

By Sahil Rajan

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One of the most debated topics among cooks is “Which is healthy – OTG or Microwave?” So let’s get everything out in the open to help you make an informed decision.

When comparing OTG to a microwave, there are a few key distinctions to keep in mind. Also, it’s common for first-timers to feel overwhelmed, leading them to choose the incorrect option.

This quick read will give you the fundamentals and the difference between a microwave oven and OTG so that you can make an informed decision on your future kitchen companion. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

OTG vs. Microwave – A Detailed Comparison

What Is an OTG?

What Is an OTG?
What Is an OTG?

An OTG stands for ‘Oven, Toaster, and Grill.’ 

It refers to a more space-efficient and small model of the normal oven. Since its only capabilities are baking, toasting, and grilling, it got its name from those three activities. An OTG has two heating coils, one on the top and the other on the bottom.

The OTG has heating coils, but a microwave doesn’t have them. This feature is the primary distinction between the two types of appliances. To prepare meals using the cooking apparatus, heating these filaments is necessary.

On the other hand, OTGs that include fans, similar to those found in convection microwaves, are becoming increasingly widespread these days. All OTGs can turn on either one or both of the coils, and your operation and the purpose for which you use the device determine this. Therefore, when purchasing an OTG for your own use, you should consider how long it takes for the oven to bake or the heating element to reach the desired temperature.

As it takes an OTG oven longer to heat the electrical coils than other types of ovens, the total time it takes to cook anything in an OTG oven is about twice that of other types. In India, the price of an OTG may range anywhere from Rs. 2,500 to 10,000.

OTG manufacturers in India include some of the most well-known names in the industry, such as Philips, Borosil, Bajaj, Agaro, and others. The size of an OTG can vary anywhere from 10 to 60 L, depending on how you operate it and what you use it for.

What Can You Do With an OTG Oven?

In general, cooking, roasting, and baking are all excellent uses for an OTG in the kitchen. Compared to the degree of baking you can achieve in a microwave, the degree of baking you can achieve in an OTG is quite professional.

In addition to grilling meat, toasting bread, making pizza, and preparing bruschetta, you can bake cookies, cakes, veggie puffs, muffins, pastries, and spaghetti in an OTG. The microwave is not the appropriate appliance for carrying out this task.

Why Should You Buy an OTG Oven? 

If you have extra time or a strong desire to bake, an OTG is the best appliance. You will get the taste and crispness you want in your baking if you use the finest OTG for your house. It is common knowledge that OTGs are appreciated less for how quickly they can cook food and more for the mouthwatering dishes you can prepare.


  • Since an OTG has a grill and a toaster already installed, you may save money on those separate appliances
  • Perfect for baking
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • With the OTG, you can use metal containers and vessels, whereas microwaves don’t allow that
  • Has a lower price tag and works well in the kitchen


  • OTGs can’t replace your microwave for the most fundamental tasks like defrosting and reheating
  • OTGs distribute heat evenly
  • OTGs take a very long time to heat the meal

What Is a Microwave?

What Is a Microwave?
What Is a Microwave?

Microwave ovens are home cooking gadgets that heat and cook food by emitting electromagnetic radiation at microwave frequencies. Dielectric heating is the process that this device employs to generate latent heat, which is then put to use in the cooking process.

Even while warming food in a microwave is one of the most common uses for these appliances, microwaves also have a broad range of other applications.

The vast majority of Indians like microwave ovens due to their ability to reheat meals in a short amount of time. You can bake, cook, or reheat food in your microwave, based on your type of microwave.

The energy consumption of a microwave is comparable to that of a fridge and a dryer. As a result, microwaves can complete your assignment in a very short amount of time.

Depending on the model and how much you are ready to pay, you can get microwave ovens for less than Rs. 18,000, less than Rs. 25,000, or less than Rs. 35,000. The firms LG, Samsung, IFB, and Bajaj, are among the most well-known brands of microwave ovens in India. A microwave oven’s capacity can vary from 15 to 35 L on average.

Since you can reheat meals in a microwave in a few seconds rather than hours, the microwave oven is the preferred cooking method in India. Depending on the kind of Microwave you own, you can use it for cooking and baking and reheating food. The electricity a microwave uses is comparable to that used by a fridge and an iron.

What Can You Do With a Microwave? 

Microwave ovens are the most effective appliances for quick cooking and reheating. With the assistance of a microwave oven, you can smoothly prepare a wide variety of foods, including idlis, dhoklas, donuts, cup pizzas, grilled cheese, omelets, and many more.

You can even cook dishes from scratch, such as khichdi, moong dal, and chips. Alternatively, you can manufacture ready-made packs of foods like popcorn, chicken nuggets, and noodles.

In addition to warming foods and thawing frozen items in the microwave, you can make a cake, prepare poached eggs, boil fruits, roast onions, dry herbs, and submerge beans, among other things.

Using the functions of your microwave allows you to do a great deal more than you would think. 

Why Should You Buy a Microwave?

If a person has a busy work schedule or is impatient while reheating or cooking on a gas burner, they should purchase a microwave since it will save them time. That’s because it can both reheat food previously cooked and produce meals from scratch.


  • Using a microwave is a breeze. Moreover, the timer, start/stop buttons, and other convenient extras make it very simple to use
  • Less of the food’s nutritional value is lost during microwave cooking because of the rapid heating process
  • In a microwave, you get to set the heat
  • The microwave’s outside become hot, while the food inside remains cold for convenience
  • Preheating is not needed since the heating process starts as soon as you press the “Start” button
  • Microwaves are much easier to clean than conventional ovens
  • Cooks automatically


  • Only microwaveable containers allowed
  • Convection microwaves, like any other kind, may be rather pricey
  • The microwave oven has a rather high power requirement
  • It’s possible that using a microwave can cause your meal to lose moisture
  • Moving a microwave oven might be a chore because of how cumbersome it is
  • Using the Microwave’s timer incorrectly might lead to overcooked food

OTG vs. Microwave – Temperature Control

OTG vs. Microwave - Temperature Control
OTG vs. Microwave – Temperature Control

Even while a microwave oven allows you to regulate the temperature, it is not as useful as an OTG since the latter allows you to see the temperature at any given moment, which is essential for baking.

OTG vs. Microwave – Utensil Versatility

OTG vs. Microwave - Utensil Versatility
OTG vs. Microwave – Utensil Versatility

You are only permitted to use microwave-safe utensils since metal utensils will rust and become unusable in the microwave. Due to this, OTG provides you with a greater variety of utensil possibilities.

After you have a fundamental grasp of the key purposes, benefits, and drawbacks of OTG and Microwaves, let’s examine the primary differences between OTG and Microwaves and determine which is better in 2022.

OTG vs. Microwave – Preheating

OTG vs. Microwave - Preheating
OTG vs. Microwave – Preheating

A microwave oven needs 5 minutes to reach the desired temperature. However, when utilizing an OTG, the cooking time will depend on the length of the preheating period and the dish you’re cooking. 

OTG vs. Microwave – User Interface

OTG vs. Microwave - User Interface
OTG vs. Microwave – User Interface

In many modern microwaves, a digital display allows you to set a timer, choose from a menu of options, or even let the microwave do the cooking for you.

However, an OTG doesn’t have such features.

OTG vs. Microwave – Inside Spacing 

If you look inside the OTG, you’ll see that different trays are present on top of each other. Due to the layout, it is possible to prepare many batches simultaneously. However, since the microwave can only cook one item at a time, it is impossible to accomplish this goal with that appliance.

OTG vs. Microwave – Capacity

OTG vs. Microwave - Capacity
OTG vs. Microwave – Capacity

Compared to microwaves, OTGs can bake or cook a significant amount of food at once. Hence, having a bigger capacity is advantageous for OTGs.

OTG vs. Microwave – Functionality

Since people primarily use an OTG in baking, you won’t be able to use it for cooking your meals. In this regard, the microwave wins.

OTG vs. Microwave – Weight

OTG vs. Microwave - Weight
OTG vs. Microwave – Weight

Usually, microwaves are heavier and bulkier than other kitchen appliances, making them more difficult to move from one location to another.

However, an OTG is portable and not as heavy as a microwave.

OTG vs. Microwave – Food Preparation Time

OTGs absorb the heat that traditional heat waves normally generate. And because of this property, the food preparation time in OTGs is greater compared to a microwave. 

But, this procedure can be finished in a fraction of the time using a microwave due to how quickly it heats things.

OTG vs. Microwave – Affordability

OTG vs. Microwave - Affordability
OTG vs. Microwave – Affordability

You can purchase a solo microwave with the fewest functions for between four and five thousand rupees in India. 

OTGs, on the other hand, cost anywhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000. As a result, OTGs are more cost-effective than microwaves.

OTG vs. Microwave – Ease of Cleaning

OTG vs. Microwave - Ease of Cleaning
OTG vs. Microwave – Ease of Cleaning

Compared to a microwave oven, an OTG is substantially more difficult to clean due to its many levels and racks.

OTG vs. Microwave – Auto-Cook

OTGs do not offer auto-cook features. However, microwaves often have between 100 and 200 preset menu options.

OTG vs. Microwave – Ease of Use

The microwave is easier to operate than the OTG since it has a digital LCD and pre-set temperatures. However, the OTG is more mechanical and may be confusing to use.

OTG vs. Microwave – Energy Efficiency

OTG vs. Microwave - Energy Efficiency
OTG vs. Microwave – Energy Efficiency

In a microwave, food gets cooked when the moisture inside a microwave gets heated up by the radio waves produced by its operation. Due to this, when you use a microwave, you will see that the food gets cooked properly from the inside and the outside.

As a microwave heats the food all at once, the total time spent cooking is less, and consequently, the microwave uses less energy.

On the other hand, an OTG employs slow cooking, which involves using hot air to round the food, gradually heating it up as the heat travels from the exterior to the interior of the meal. Therefore, an OTG uses more energy while cooking for a longer period.

OTG vs. Microwave – Cooking and Baking Time

OTG vs. Microwave - Cooking and Baking Time
OTG vs. Microwave – Cooking and Baking Time

When it comes to cooking food, a microwave oven is far more efficient than an OTG. In addition, the latest microwaves come equipped with a distinct mode for grilling and air-frying or low-oil frying.

In addition, many come equipped with intriguing auto-cook menu choices, which allow you to prepare meals according to pre-determined temperature and time parameters. However, OTGs do not have offer such amazing features.

The primary functions of an OTG include baking, toasting, grilling, and broiling meals. An OTG is not for “cooking” food in the traditional sense. Make a mental note of it if you think it could be something you want to consider in the future.

The amount of time needed to bake a dish using either piece of equipment will be the same. However, the amount of time needed to cook might vary.

OTG vs. Microwave – Which Is Healthier?

OTG vs. Microwave - Which Is Healthier?
OTG vs. Microwave – Which Is Healthier?

An OTG is far healthier compared to a microwave.

The microwave oven cooks food with the help of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. This is the reason why the microwave oven is capable of quick cooking as well as reheating.

Also, these ultrasonic waves are harmful to humans because they turn the naturally present food into a radioactive state (which can cause cancer!) Moreover, the waves can kill the minerals and vitamins found in food. 

In addition, cooking thick slices of food requires more time and power since the waves do not immediately reach the interior of thick slices of food, keeping the meat uncooked.

Hence, an OTG is healthier than a microwave

Should You Buy an OTG or Microwave?

If you want to bake rather regularly and have space in your home for two ovens, you can purchase a second OTG for your baking needs. 

If, in addition to baking, you will also need to heat and prepare food in your oven, the microwave is the device that you should go with. Even though a microwave cannot duplicate the cooking impact of an OTG, it is the choice that is both the fastest and most handy.

In a similar vein, an OTG can’t compete with a convection microwave when it comes to the variety of cooking choices or the quickness. So if you just want to bake sometimes but don’t have a lot of space, you can get by with a microwave oven with convection baking.

Spend your money on only one piece of technology and learn to maximize its potential. However, if you wish to start baking as a pastime, you will need to invest in a decent OTG, which is not too expensive.

Can You Make Cakes and Pizzas in a Microwave?

Can You Make Cakes and Pizzas in a Microwave?
Can You Make Cakes and Pizzas in a Microwave?

You certainly can, but there is one need. It is that your microwave oven must come equipped with a setting that can simulate the conditions of an OTG.

This mode is the convection mode.

If you utilize this mode correctly, it will provide the same results as an oven when baking things like bread, pizza, cookies, and cakes. So, for example, suppose your microwave includes this setting. In that case, you can bake various foods, including vegetables, chicken, fish, and even fish, and prepare baked snacks like roasted samosas.

A solo microwave oven is a microwave oven without a convection mode. Although you cannot bake or grill in a solo microwave oven, you can produce quick mug cakes, biscuit cakes, and other instant foods that do not need the “baking” feature.

You can only reheat or cook a certain number of food items in the solo microwave.

It should be no surprise that a solo microwave comes at lower prices than high-end or convection-equipped microwaves. 

Can I Use an OTG to Heat Food?

Can I Use an OTG to Heat Food?
Can I Use an OTG to Heat Food?

Yes, you can. However, no setting is particularly for the warming process. In addition, based on the warmth of the meal, rewarming it might take anywhere from five to ten minutes. This time frame is variable. In essence, the cooking process will begin (again).

In addition, you’ll need to use an extremely high power setting to reheat in an OTG. And this is exactly what bakes mug cakes and fast biscuit cakes.

These cakes undergo tremendous heat, which causes them to begin cooking along with the heat and produces the cake crumb.

Final Words – Which Is Healthy – OTG or Microwave?

Microwaves are booming in India. However, according to research, a convection microwave is the most popular with a market share of 62.72% in 2022.

It might be tough to choose between an OTG and a microwave. However, with our detailed guide, we’re sure all your doubts have gone away! We believe now it is far simpler to determine your demands and whether you want a microwave or an OTG.

Microwaves will not provide the same taste as regular microwaves or OTGs. Hence, individuals who like baking or creating pizzas need an OTG. But, on the other hand, if you value your time and want to get things done quickly, a microwave oven is the way to go. That’s because cooking in a microwave oven is far easy and quick. It really isn’t that complicated.

Therefore, the debate between an OTG and a microwave oven is a draw.

Also, If you are looking what is the difference between solo and convection microwave? specifically, check out our guide!

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